JASON KING: Bronx On Broadway (2012) free download

One half of deejay duo Bubaking and co-promoter of Bournemouth’s ‘Ghetto Jam’ night with Cockney Nutjob, Jason King finally gets his arse into production gear for Bronx On Broadway – and whadyaknow – he’s no slouch in the studio. As the name would suggest it’s essentially an NY rapapella (in this case old school cut Set It Off) over some swinging theatre-district brass (because the ladies love a bit of that) and a mutant slab of bass wobble. And it’s free. Nice. Or rather, Greg Nice. I was particularly delighted by how much the tap-dancing in the breakdown sounds like someone priming an aerosol – a comparison you, too, will be able to ponder via the player below. ‘Ave it.

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