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JALAPENO RECORDS:  Rock The DiscoWith temperatures in the UK continuing to keep the mercury at heatwave temperatures, it seems only appropriate that Jalapeno Records channel the musical sound of forty years ago on the other side of the pond where another heatwave was occurring and the streets of New York city pulsed along to the rival sounds of punk, hip-hop and disco. It’s the latter that forms the basis of Jalapeno comp. Rock The Disco of course and they’ve scoured their vaults to put together a huge set of twenty tracks that’ll spin your world like a mirrorball.

You can expect oldies and newies, fairly authentic 70s/80s sounding cuts and heavier or house-ier tinged nu-disco. Among the newies are Smoove & Turrell’s You’re Gone feat. Izo FitzRoy and the Dmitri From Paris vs Cotonete remix of Gizelle Smith’s Dust. The oldies (at least as far as Jalapeno’s back catalogue is concerned) include D’Stephanie’s Rock The Disco which gives the comp. it’s name and Sneaky Fox’s Broke. Smoove Turrell make four appearances, Izo FitzRoy four (if you count the aforementioned feature with Smoove & Turrell), Kraak & Smaak no fewer than six (!), and D’Stephanie two. The balance is made up by Basement Freaks, Parris & Vanucci and Max Sedgley. And if that doesn’t sound as varied as you were expecting – bear in mind that as well as the Gizelle Smith one, five other cuts mentioned above are remixes. Should you require pointing in the direction of the biggest bangers head for Smoove & Turrell’s mighty Will You Be Mine, the Sneaky Fox cut and Parris & Vanucci’s Get Down On The Floor.
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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