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JACKSON DO PANDEIRO: Capoeira Mata Um (Rebel Brothers remix) (2014) (Free download)

Capoeira Mata Um Rebel Brothers“Zum, zum, zum! Capoeira Mata Um!” Not being fluent in Portuguese, I took a punt on Googletranslate with this one. Initially, it wasn’t that helpful – “zum, zum, zum” being “zum, zum, zum” in English too so, frankly, I was none the wiser. “Capoeira mata um”, on the other hand came out as, “Capoeira kills one,” – a little old-fashioned perhaps but unequivocal nonetheless. There was other stuff about samba needing to be in tune, saving Bahia and then we headed back to the cryptic with, “old hole has a snake inside.” By that time though, I was thousands of miles away, eyes closed, capirinha in one hand, and a bevy of dusky beauties at hand. Cop the Rebel Brothers breaks reboot of Jackson Do Pandeiro’s classic below…

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