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INNEREYEFULL: Moving On EP (2012) Free download

It’s been a while since Innereyefull‘s Blunted Soul EP but it seems the downtempo duke hasn’t been shirking his studio duties. The Moving On EP is a nine-tracker of heavyweight Mo Wax/ early Ninjatune style instrumentals – so if you’re looking for beats to blaze to – you’re in the right place. The superb Beats & Hypnotism is the sound of dawn after a long night on the chronic and is begging for a vocal rerub with someone like Roc Marciano on the mic. It’s not all about getting blunted though – take the hip-hop vocal sampling I Remember for example. Far from being the kind of track that’s helplessly sunk in an armchair in a waist level fog of blue smoke begging anyone who will listen to ‘just pop down the garage for me and get me a chocolate milkshake and one of them malt loaves,’ it’s more or less eyeing up the dancefloor with intent. And we all know how that feels. Free digital download from Dusted Wax Kingdom, cds available from 8 September.
(Out 3 September on Dusted Wax)

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