INNEREYEFULL: Blunted Soul EP – Free download

Innereyefull isn’t on Mo Wax but he would have been if he’d made this in 1994. The Blunted Soul EP finds him dropping grooves like Krush (as in DJ) rather than krush-groovin’ like say, Kurtis Blow. For the uninitiated that means breaks for rolling rather than breaks for breaking – if you catch my drift. Reminds me of lounging in the sun back in the day when there were proper summers – y’know – a time when DJ Shadow was an unknown and Massive Attack made good music.
FREE DOWNLOAD – Innereyefull – Blunted Soul EP – HERE
(PRESS RELEASE) The early nineties wasn’t just a golden era for hip-hop y’all! It was also a time that saw the birth of a new sister-genre which languidly rose through a thick, smoky haze all around the globe, from California to Bristol and from Paris to Tokyo. Often instrumental, the aim was simple – to provide the perfect music to…well, let’s just say to relax to. Incredibly popular and created by luminaries as varied as Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, DJ Krush and La Funk Mob, it didn’t so much eventually disappear as drift off to sleep for a bit. Well, quite a long time actually. Over fifteen years later, Massive Attack have a new LP out, DJ Krush is engaged in an international tour and rising talent Innereyefull has just dropped a new EP. Stoned breakbeats and warm basslines envelope the listener while subtle instrumental loops and samples complete the tripped-out ambience from the minimalist Krush-like title track, to the sinuous Be Cool and the hypnotic bass pulse of the aptly named Kickin Back. And the name of this sister-genre? No doubt the phrase ‘trip-hop’ will be bandied about once more though you could search for a long time to come up with a better name for it than Blunted Soul

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