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I SELF DEVINE: ‘Up Aboves’ video + The Upliftment Struggle (2012) – free download

I always get a bit nervous when Rhymesayers send me stuff in case it’s any more tedious emo hip-hop with rock pretensions. You know you’re safe with Brother Ali as he’s never going to pull that kind of shit but anyone else (especially if I haven’t heard of them, like rapper I Self Devine) is guilty until proven otherwise. Step forward then, I Self Devine, I find thee innocent of all charges. I wouldn’t exactly call Up Aboves a party tune though but it’s beautifully produced and manages to be both menacing and soulful. Talking of menacing – check the video which captures how annoying it is when your parents leave you locked in the car and swan off for hours tossing an airy (and frankly mendacious), “I won’t be long,” over their shoulder as they disappear. In this one we know where the parents are and what they’re up to the whole time – but where has little Timmy fucked off to? Take that parents! See how you like it! Actually I think he’s just thrown himself off a building or something – you can’t beat a bit of Minneapolis misery. Up Aboves is track two on I Self Devine’s rather good The Upliftment Struggle mixtape LP which you can peruse at your leisure and download below.

Up Aboves by rhymesayers

I Self Devine – The Upliftment Struggle (Free Mixtape) by rhymesayers

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