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HONEST LEE: Re-Edits Part 4 (2015)

Re-Edits Vol. 4 Honest Lee[RATING: 5] Honestly, where would we be without Honest Lee? The answer, of course, is seven funk edits short of a party as you’ll hear from Re-Edits Part 4 where our man takes on Los Dinamicos Exciters, Ann Peebles (two versions of Somebody’s On Your Case), The Explosions, Sly And The Family Stone, Gladys Knight and Mary Wells. Listen closely and you’ll hear that Lee likes to fluff the dancefloor a bit at the start of tracks until it’s gagging for action and then he goes straight for the jugular. The monkey’s favourite track is the rerub of Los Dinamicos Exciters’ Let Me Do My Thing but I’d lay odds on that the bonus disco edit of Ann Peebles Somebody’s On Your Case will be a game changer if dropped at the right moment.

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