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HOMEBOY SANDMAN & EDAN: #NeverUseTheInternetAgain

HOMEBOY SANDMAN & EDAN:  NeverUseTheInternetAgainNever Use The Internet Again or, more correctly, #NeverUseTheInternetAgain finds Homeboy Sandman & Edan tapping into the zeitgeist of post-Facebook data abuse revelations in which everyone has finally realised that when Facebook and others said that ‘if you sign up for stuff, your data will be used’ they meant that when you sign up for stuff, your data will be used. The single is the first off this summer’s album-length collaboration between the Queens MC and the Boston-to-NYC MC/ DJ/ Producer – Edan’s first album in thirteen years, though it seems his contribution will be production only. Over one of the latter’s trademark distorted boom-bap beats, Homeboy Sandman growls forth a critique of the web’s invasive effect on human life amid porn star moans. “Everyday the bullsh*t worsen” – he offers, “Order a pizza like a fuckin person,” before continuing, “ like an online pimp/ Step to a girl in real life, you fu*kin wimp.” Well quite – wait – hang on what’s this, “Internet journalism, here’s what you’re gonna find/ Everyone who can’t get paid for it does it online/ Most of the ones online that’s getting paid suck too/ Fu*k you!” Cheeky bastard.
(Out now on Stones Throw)

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