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HOLLIE COOK: ‘Angel Fire’ Sofar London Live video (2017)

HOLLIE COOK:  'Angel Fire' Sofar London Live videoIf you’re not a Daily Mail reader, it’s quite possible you give a shit about other people – particularly those less fortunate than you. Hollie Cook does. It’s why she and her band agreed to play a special Sofar Sounds gig for Amnesty International back in September in aid of refugees – a performance that can be viewed on the video below. Check it and you’ll catch Hollie delivering a sweetly grooving performance of summer reggae single Angel Fire. This track along will appear along with subsequent double-single Freefallin’/ Survive on her new album due at the end of January. Playing nice reggae music to raise money to support refugees? Whatever next? Mind you, I suppose it beats selling weapons to foreign governments to use on their own people forcing said people to up sticks and travel thousands of miles to rely on the goodwill of strangers…

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