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HIPSTA: Step To The Rhythm (2014)

Step To The Rhythm Hipsta“Do you wear skinny jeans rolled up with no socks? Do you wear a plaid shirt and braces? Do you wear your hair long and greased back on top but shaved at the sides? With old school biker tattoos and a beard like Edward fucking Lear? Looking like some art school cock’s idea of a 1940s biker? Probably with a beer belly? Rocking a style that has been in for so long even a child can tell it’s no longer ‘hip’. Is that you? You fucking hipster cunt!” is precisely the sort of invective not to be aimed at Hipsta who deftly ensures that listeners Step To The Rhythm with this respectable jazz-synth-breaks Beastie mash…
(Out now on Radical Mixtape)

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