HIPHOPPAPOTAMUS: Tropical Wiseguy (2014)

Tropical Wiseguy HiphoppapotamusHere’s something all set to rock the house and so simple it’s a wonder no-one’s thought of it already. But then isn’t that just always the way? What about…a latin-breaks rerub of that Wiseguys track? Ooh la la – er I mean – arriba – it’s the Tropical Wiseguy EP! Accompanying the title track are all manner of sunshiny musical flavours including a breaks version of a kettle drum take on reggae classic Montego Bay, a breakbeat bit of Jimmy Cliff and some drum n soul-jazz. Apparently hippopotamuses mark their territory by spinning their tails whilst defecating. Hiphoppapotamus on the other hand spins equatorial flavours on the wheels of steel. Whether he defecates at the same time or not I can’t say.
(Out 8 October on Booty Fruit)

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