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HERBAL T: Lo-Fi Blow Dry (2014)

Lo-Fi Blow Dry Herbal T[RATING: 5] Herbal T is a name that will be familiar to anyone who’s checked out any of the last couple of Lack Of Afro LPs. The rapper has collaborated several times with the UK producer and multi-instrumentalist, often in conjunction with his twin brother Wax. Particularly high profile (not to mention dope) was the trio’s noisy, uptempo funk-based banger P.A.R.T.Y. which was picked to soundtrack an NBA/ Fernando Torres ad for Adidas and Footlocker. Anyway – new verbals from Herbal have been brewed and are now available on his Lo-Fi Blow Dry LP which features, among guests, his twin brother Wax and production on four tracks by…Lack Of Afro!

HT is quick to point out that while Lo-Fi… is a rap LP there’s a heavy emphasis on live instrumentation using vintage instruments to give it a funk/ soul vibe. He’s not lying and for the duration of the album delivers dense but wry lyricism over music which lies somewhere between the hammond grooves of Booker T (for which see current LOA-produced single That’s That) and New Orleans-style fish-fry Meters-funk as on first track proper Comin Out Swingin. Lyrical content explores issues such as women not being clear about what they want (No Confusion featuring a sung hook and channeling something of a G Love vibe), grill-cookin (Grillin) and the need to drown out unwelcome thoughts with anything from whiskey to crack on the half tongue-in-cheek super-catchy low-key Liquor Bottle. He also finds time to rip into the vacant super-rich, contemplate death and rap in Spanish. A particular MB favourite is low-slung jam John Webster At The Chicken Shack‘s ode to performing low slung jams on Friday nights. Frankly this is eminently listenable throughout, redolent of summer and the perfect way to dry out your ears after listening to loads of wet mainstream shit. No embeddable audio – yet anyway – but check single That’s That on Youtube below and a preview of the whole LP is one click away HERE.
(Out now on Whiskey Den Recordings)

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