HENRI PIERRE NOEL: The Reflex Revisions (2016)

Reflex Henri Pierre Noel RevisionsThe Reflex is many things – just ask Simon Le Bon – a lonely child waiting by the park, in charge of finding treasure in the dark and, if you’ve been even vaguely awake and at a funk and soul club in the last few years, a remixer with golden ear. Now he turns his attentions to revisions of the work of Haitian-Canadian keyboardist Henri Pierre Noel – specifically the latter’s Funky Spider Dance, Back Home…Sweet Home and cover of A Fifth Of Beethoven – each one a fully-clubbed up slice of seven-minute plus tropical disco action on the same piece of 12″ wax. Despite what Duran Duran say, by my reckoning that’s another little thing the Reflex has done that doesn’t leave you answered with a question mark…
(Out now on Wah Wah 45s)

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