HAMBURG SPINNERS: Palmaillerennen

HAMBURG SPINNERS: PalmaillerennenNew from Légère Recordings is the debut single from Hamburg Spinners – Palmaillerennen. Which is excellent news if you dig a bit of Hammond action and the sounds of the sixties. The instrumental displays the combined talents of the Hammond-jazz quartet (I bet you can’t guess which city they’re based in) and joins the dots between original funky jazz and easy listening grooves. The name implies it’s the perfect musical accompaniment for a cruise down Hamburg’s famous avenue, Palmaille, (a French name that essentially translates as ‘Pall Mall’ and for the same reasons – i.e. it was originally used to play the game of the same name) taking in the what the monkey understands is considered one of northern Europe’s most complete examples of a Neoclassical urban ensemble. We’ve all been there. LP Skorpion im Stiefel (ouch!) follows soon and don’t forget to check the video below.
(Out now on Légère Recordings)

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