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GUITAR RAY: Funky Pete Pts 1 & 2 (45 re-issue) – 2011

[rating: 5]
And now for some more original, funk 45 filth – finally – courtesy of those keepers of the true funk flame at Tramp Records. Funky Pete Parts 1 and 2 is the forthcoming repress of the 1967 cut by Raymond Washington a.k.a. Guitar Ray. It contains almost as much in the way soul horns as it does scratchy funk guitar and is a timely reminder that no matter how hard twenty-first century middle class white boys and girls try (with a few exceptions) it is no easy thing to reproduce the sound of black America in the sixties. Part 1 will also feature on the forthcoming Tramp Records compilation Feeling Nice and both will be released around the same time which should be early summer. Which will give you time to practice your ‘camel walk’ won’t it? I would say ‘sorry no audio yet’ but some digger’s already Youtubed both parts of the original which you can check below. Pure dirt – chek!
(Out soon. But don’t quote me on that.)

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