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GROUP MODULAR: Black Ray b/w Acid Wheels (Vinyl 7″)

GROUP MODULAR:  Black Ray b/w Acid Wheels (Vinyl 7If your life has been missing out on menacingly heavy paranoid psych-funk since the last MNP single on Markey Funk’s Delights label then you’re in luck. For Markey Funk (who else?) and Mule Driver are about to sort you right out with their new Group Modular 7″ – Black Ray b/w Acid Wheels. It’s the kind of release that sets the record straight if you think library music is for pussies. Take Black Ray for example – a loping drum break emerges from insectoid analog synth and buzzing grungy chords and before you know it, you’re having flashbacks of everything from the black light shining out of Leviathan’s tower on Hellraiser II to that bloke ‘Ray’ down the pub who Big John says is a hitman. Limp, and sweating with terror, you flip the wax for side two and it materialises like John Carpenter brandishing something that is part chainsaw and part synth. Add in a fat uptempo drum break (courtesy of sticksman Sagi Zax) and once again rise tottering to your shaking legs. Then the synths really kick in. You poor fool. Did you really think you could outrun Acid Wheels?
(Out 23 May on Delights)

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