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GRANT PHABAO & POMPIDOO: Come Ya Fi Talk (2012) Free download

Nice, big freebie here courtesy of French reggae commando Grant Phabao and Pompidoo (elsewhere spelt Pampidoo but in either case not to be confused with Prince Pompidou) in the shape of Come Ya Fi Talk. ‘Come ya fi talk’? Oh that’s nice – Pompidoo wants a chat. Unfortunately, apart from divining that he wants a chinwag, I haven’t got a fucking clue what he’s on about – probably because my patois is rather basic. That and the fact that his voice sounds like a synthesizer. In any case, there’s a fair chance his words are aimed at a female audience anyway. Well, I say ‘fair chance’ – ninety nine per cent dead certainty is more like it. Not that they’ll have a better chance of understanding him than I do. Unless they speak fluent patois. Happily Phabao’s on hand with a universally comprehensible heavy roots beat. Cop it HERE.

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