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GOLDEN BROWN SOUND: ‘African Black Gold’ (2013) video + free download

Golden Brown Sound‘s African Black Gold is the second ganja anthem to drift, smoke-like, the monkey’s way this month and is about as raw as boom-bap gets. Rapper No Doz kicks raucous rhymes over Dj On & On’s fat beat which sounds like the arrival of Hannibal’s war elephant. MB favourite Will C has been employed to direct the video and adds to the weird by chopping up movie clips of rich W.A.S.Ps smoking fatties, blaxploitation clips of drug-fuelled antics, and archive footage from the projects. Why – it’s reefer madness! I particularly like the info that accompanies the Youtube video best, “Archaeology and meteorology suggest that all life derives from Africa. Therefore, we are all inherently African. With that said, this bud’s for you.” I like to share that with EDL and BNP pricks whenever there’s an opportunity. This one’s off the forthcoming album The Great Man Theory. Cop it HERE.

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