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GIZELLE SMITH: Better Remember/ Miss World

Better Remember Miss World Gizelle SmithGizelle Smith’s creative renaissance continues with new digital double A-side Better Remember and Miss World. Musically, both cuts are still recognisably funky and shot through with wah-wah guitar, soulful basslines and syncopated drum breaks. Lyrically however, both cuts depart from Smith’s earlier and more personal experience-focussed lyrical content instead taking a reflective stance on the current state of the world and people’s lazy acceptance thereof. Better Remember adopts a ‘wake up sheeple!’ approach while the lyrics emerging from a strings-drenched intro on Miss World more forcefully express disgust at specific issues such as environmental destruction and the not-entirely-unconnected wealth-hoarding of the ‘elite’. Go Gizelle!
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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