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GIST: The Payback (2017) Video

GIST:  The PaybackGist might still be working on the full-length follow-up to their debut self-titled 2015 LP but they don’t want you to forget about them. They certainly don’t want someone to forget about them anyway what with this talkbox-vocals-featuring cover of the late, great Mr Brown’s seven-minute revenge epic The Payback. The video opens with the dialogue sample, “We don’t like dictators. We don’t worship the strong man,” and features a montage of American civil protest film footage interspersed with grainy footage of the effects of a nuclear blast. It’s almost as if it were squarely aimed at a hate-filled, loose cannon of a politico-corporate sociopath in a position of power. Those familiar with The Payback‘s lyrics will remember that the object of revenge, ‘took’ JB’s money and ‘got’ his honey. Perhaps he grabbed her by the pussy. One can only hope that Gist know both Karate and Ka-razy as someone is long overdue some payback.

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