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GIANNI MARCHETTI: Milano, Il Clan Dei Calabresi (Vinyl 7″)

Now then, who doesn’t like a hardcore bit of 70s crime flick soundtrack funk? Which means you’ll definitely want to hear that Four Flies Records have done the decent thing by putting two classic cuts off Gianni Marchetto’s Milano, Il Clan Dei Calabresi OST on 45. Side A is simply entitled M2 and is Marchetti’s version of Quincey Jones’ Ironside theme which you’ll probably recognise from the the siren bit at the beginning sampled for the Kill Bill soundtrack. However, Marchetti’s version flips the tasteful jazz-funk of the original into something filthier and wah-wah guitar-funky, occasionally punctuated by ominous horn stabs. Side B is also simply titled – in this case as M3 – and is equally funky if a slower-paced affair.
(Out now on Four Flies Records)

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