GHOST WRITERZ: They Wanna Know (2017)

GHOST WRITERZ:  They Wanna KnowThey Wanna Know do they? “They wanna know ‘ow I became the artist I am/ My journey from a boy to a man”? Best tell ’em then, Ghost Writerz, innit? And so Jimmy Screech and Sleepy Time Ghost do precisely that, regaling anyone who will listen plus – well – frankly anyone within earshot – all about Screech’s long relationship with soundsystem culture. The narrative begins in the 80s over a seismic reggae skank in the low 80s bpms which, after a pleasing minute and a half, enters a new phase, heralded by a back-spin and reflected by a more contemporary bashment beat for a further one minute thirty seconds towards the end of which the FX rise to a crescendo amid blaring horns. You know what’s coming next don’t you? That’s right – junglist pressha all the way to the end.
(7″ vinyl out 26 May on Nice Up!)

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