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GHETTO FUNK presents: ROAST BEATZ (2016)

Roast Beatz Ghetto Funk GFPD27When roasting beats, it’s important to remember that there are a number of schools of thought regarding method. If you are DJ Roast Beatz for example, you favour imbuing your offerings with a rich helping of hip-hop and disco flavour as well as the crispest of snares – while at the same time experimenting with other influences to create a richly seasoned and well-cooked fusion. Thus we have the latest in Ghetto Funk’s ‘Presents…’ series. Opener Get Down With It features Illvis Freshly for some pounding party vibes, Super Funky turns on a Digital Underground-ish bassline, Get It Poppin goes heavy on the house-y synth bass and Salsa Like That yields pneumatic latin-isms, well-oiled scratches and a hammering synth-bass bridge that make it the most danceable cut of the lot. All of the latter three of course are garnished with choice vocal samples.
(Out now on Ghetto Funk)

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