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GHETTO FUNK presents: BOBBY C SOUND TV (GFPD23) Free download

Bobby C Sound TV Ghetto Funk Presents GFPD23Time to tune in to a bit more Bobby C Sound TV! While you’re track-surfing expect to hear everything from a snippet of Dudley Moore dialogue (off his alcholic comedy Arthur) mixed with a ghetto-funked Julie Lee And Her Boyfriends on Last Call, a ghetto-funked Flavor Unit emcee Lakim Shabazz on Largesse (because the GF posse is large!), a ghetto-funked Q-Tip getting vivrant on See You In Cuba and a collab. with Czech dj/producer Mikkim on Mujeres. And while this last track shares its name with a song by Pitbull, it is thankfully free of anything related to Mr Worldwide himself and, indeed, free in and of itself since, like the rest of the EP it’s downloadable gratis. Hurrah!
(Out now on Ghetto Funk)

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