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GHETTO FUNK presents: Bobby C Sound TV (GFP12)(2012)

Love it or hate it, there’s a reason why the Ghetto Funk label is king of the ghetto funk scene. Firstly, the label name has provided a generic title by which a range of disparate sounds from funky breaks to breakbeat bass wobble (which arguably does constitute a new hybrid breakbeat genre) has come to be known over the last couple of years. Secondly there’s the reason why the name of music made by largely middle class white boys outside of any ghetto has become defined (like, say, music from Acid Jazz or Sub-Pop before it) by the name of this label. Or rather, three reasons. The Ghetto Funk boys have got a good ear for crowd pleasers, they cut good vinyl and they’re a fucking PR leviathan.

Enter Bobby C Sound TV – their first Yank signee with this 4 tracker. It’s the buzzsaw synth bass that dominates thoughout but listen carefully and you’ll hear anything from swing to funk to Ultramagnetic MC samples informing his sound. If nineties big beat is now sat at home, knackered, watching Downton Abbey with a bottle of wine, this is its lairy, weened-on-dubstep, teenage child, out on the piss and largin’ it. Or whatever that’s called these days. Papa Grande is the one – big shot on the east coast, apparently…
(Out November on Ghetto Funk)

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