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GHETTO FUNK presents: B-SIDE (GFP14)(2013)

The second of two exercises in breaks n bass wobble from the Ghetto Funk stable this month and this one’s from B-Side mixing and matching his classic hip-hop and funk samples over warping bottom end noise. It’s packed to the gills with hammering synth bass and a surfeit of moments for the kids to grab mates excitedly and go, ‘wait for it – here’s the drop!’ (or indeed float one of those orange soundcloud spoilers saying the same thing over that very point in the track) in the unlikely event of there being anyone around who doesn’t understand what dropouts and build-ups signify. This one’s all about Clap Ya Hands – check the flava of the rhythm B wrote. Or rather that DJ Kool wrote and B sampled along with a bit of OPP and Len…Oh yeah – it’s wax only, vinyl heroes!
(Out April 2012 on Ghetto Funk)

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