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GHETTO FUNK: HYPE VOCALS sample pack feat. DIZZY DUSTIN & SAVANT a.k.a. Stanstro + scratches by JFB (2014)

Hype Vocals Ghetto FunkTired of all that trawling through old hip-hop cuts to find just the right hook or shout-out? Not to mention all that farting around chopping, filtering, tweaking the tempo till it’s just right so you lose track of time and then…oh for fuck’s sake your battery runs out before you saved it! What an arse ache! We’ve all been there – but hey – here’s the Ghetto Funk crew to make your life easy with the help of Ugly Duckling‘s Dizzy Dustin and Chicago-to-Austin underground rap transplant Savant a.k.a. Stanstro on the Ghetto Funk Hype Vocals Sample Pack. Which means you get: 50 vocal fx loops, 123 phrases, 54 ‘one shots’ and 192 vocal loops all timed to either 70, 86, 105 or 110 bpm. Not enough for you? Blimey – tough crowd! What about 116 scratch loops from JFB, a demo track from B-side and the stems for said demo track? Yes, that is what I’m talking about, “ah yeah”, “say ho” and, indeed, “bring the funk back”
(Out now on Ghetto Funk)

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