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GHETTO FUNK ALLSTARS: ‘The Icons’ (2015) Free download

Icons Ghetto Funk Remixes 2015It has been the custom around this time of year for the last few years for the Ghetto Funk label to release a package of ghetto funk remixes of work by iconic figures from popular music. What they’re doing this year is slightly different: a couple of new cuts, and some special mixes plus a final chance (until some ingrate seeds them all over the interweb) to grab every single Ghetto Funk Icons track in one place. All 60 of them. Yes I did say ’60’ and I did say ‘All’ although, on a cursory glance, I couldn’t see that Dancefloor Outlaws remix of Eric Clapton’s Cocaine. Oh yeah and it’s the first time there’s been a WAV download option because presumably, some people have laptops with much more space on their hard drive than a Macbook Pro. Got all that? Yeah? Yours for nowt. Go get ’em below!

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