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GERASIMOS LAVRANOS: Hally Gally Stin Athena (MANOSJMT remix) (2016) Free download

Hally Gally Manosjmt G Lavranos[RATING: 5]…and continuing tonight’s string of bangers here’s G.Lavaranos‘ Manosjmt’s super-swinging, retro-bringing take on Greek composer Gerasimos Lavranos’ Hally Gally Stin Athena. About the original of which there is surprisingly and depressingly little on the interweb. Suffice it to say that Manosjmt (or JMT) has done a respectful job with the old boy’s work, polishing it all up and giving it a new lick of boom. Altogether now – ‘Hally Gally!”. Cop it below and don’t forget to thank the man…

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