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G LOVE feat. KEB’ MO’: Go Crazy (‘The Juice’ LP preview)

G LOVE feat. KEB' MO':  Go Crazy (The Juice LP preview)“I’m gonna lose my mind if I don’t go crazy,” reckons G Love on new track Go Crazy which features latter-day blues-man Keb’ Mo’. Truly a song for our benighted times, it’s the first preview of material the forthcoming album The Juice (set for a January release) and employs the sort of evergreen loose-limbed ‘delta blues meets laid back funky drums’ combo which has ensured Garrett Dutton’s enduring popularity over the best part of two and a half decades. The video, appropriately enough, features G and Keb’s disembodied heads singing over a Looney Tunes-title-sequence style backdrop of moving concentric circles. All it’s missing is Wile E Trump-ote running several yards beyond a cliff-edge before realising he’s no longer on solid ground.

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