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FUNKY MAMA: Funky Mama EP (2013)

I was briefly called out of the MB office the other day to give advice to a commission about tackling global funk crime and when I came back MB taxi driver ‘Jazzy’ Dave was cowering before the afro’d whirlwind of fury that is MB tea lady Loretta May Drew when she’s got a cob on. Dave apparently had been caught playing Funky Mama‘s new self-titled debut EP. Funky Mama is the sort of noodling sax-driven jazzy funk that gives Dave (a man for whom the 90s acid jazz era is a golden age) a reason for living. Loretta May Drew on the other hand is a veteran of the Stax/ Atlantic/ Motown era of stateside funky soul and regularly underwhelmed by, “honkys tryna play fonky.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, Dave then told her the name of the band. “Funky Mama!? Funky MAMA!? They only one funky mama round here and she sho’ as shit ain’t no white boy. Where you say they from again? Ima go get my ass on a plane! Ima…” And so it continued. It was about this time I arrived back. Dave gave me a pleading look but even though her back was to me, I could see Loretta had things under control and quietly slipped off to make a cup of tea…
(Out now on Goodfellas)

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