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FUNKSTATIK: That’s What The World Is Today (2014)

That's What The World Is Today FunkstatikIf you dig Motown and you dig glitch-hop (and especially if you dig Motown and glitch-hop at the same time), you’ll be funkstatik to hear about the release of Funkstatik‘s That’s What The World Is Today EP. Because that’s what you’ll get. This is basically the massively glitched-up Borg-like assimilation of the golden era of the sixties and seventies sound of Detroit into the bass-heavy twenty-first century by the production of Rygol And Bobb Tracks. Incidentally, I say ‘sound of Detroit’ and Funkstatic refer to the ‘old Motown sound’ but the last cut on here makes heavy use of funk diva Betty Davis and her epic paen to funk called – er F.U.N.K. Robot soul y’all. Cop it below…

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