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FUNKLINERS: Funk Like This EP (2016)

Funk Like This EP FunklinersJust in case you thought the label had gone a bit old school of late, here’s Funkliners to make sure things are kept all twenty-first century round at BBP towers. Snuff and Just Jess (for such are the Funkliners) were already established djs before they hooked up for production bizniz but since pairing up two years ago, they’ve nailed a remarkable amount of high profile support slots with everyone from A Skillz to Father Funk. The Funk Like This EP provides evidence as to why. Retro samples and glitch bass heaviness are thrown together with cavalier abandon to create a distinctive slice of stutter-funk on opener Mumble while the title track finds them going for some minimal synth-heavy bass-funk action with 80s stylings. Wiccatron and Rory Hoy are on a remix tip with this latter – the former taking it to an even more stripped back extreme and the latter plumping for ice-cream van music acid breaks. Yes, you did just read that right.

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