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FUNKIN’ BASSTARDS: Drop The Mirrorball Remixed EP

It’s drop the remix time as label BBP unleash the Drop The Mirrorball Remixed on which Sons Of Satin, Pecoe, Jayl Funk and label owner Badboe re-version cuts from the original four-track release from labelmates Funkin’ Basstards. First up are Sons Of Satin who sacrifice MC Kurnel to the evil one and in return are granted the power to transform what was a bass-slapping groover into the raviest of big beat noise. Elsewhere, Badboe modifies the Cameo-esque stylings of Feel The Vibe into something a little more slick and lady-friendly and Jayl Funk stays closest to the original with his chopped and slightly slower crack at 2000. Hats off to Pecoe though, who drops the monkey’s favourite by transforming the pumping nu-disco antics of the original title track into antsy bit of floor-filling electro-funk.
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

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