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FUNK MOGULS: Roc Blockin EP (2012)

Once upon a time there was cock rockin’, then the Chemical Brothers were block rockin’ and now Funk Moguls are roc blockin’. No doubt at some point in the future we can expect cock-blockin’ beats too. To the best of my knowledge there hasn’t been any feminist ghetto-funk interpretation of the works of Motley Crue and Poison yet but give it time. Meanwhile the aforementioned Funk Moguls unleash solid four track EP Roc Blockin. Opener Backfire rocks the ghetto, B-Boy rocks the disco, filtered-guitar loop-fest Block Rockin rocks ‘rock’ and label boss Basement Freaks rocks the Moguls with his Block Rockin remix. That’s a lot of rockin. Don’t come knockin…
(Out 30 April on Bombastic Jam)

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