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FREQNIK & WDRE: Gang Starr Mash Appeal Hip Hop Jazz Mix feat. Fishbelly Black (2011) – Free download

Mash Appeal? Yep. Nothing to do with pureed potato or a Korean War-based US sitcom charity effort and everything to do with the welding of the work of jazzbo Fishbelly Black and the late, great Guru of Gang Starr by NYC production team Freqnik and WDRE. Everyone knows the other half of Gang Starr, DJ Premier is a legendary beatsmith but I’m fairly confident he would approve of this. As for Guru there’s no question – this could have come off any of his Jazzmatazz albums. Cop this slice of cool for nada off the player below innit…
Gang Starr Mash Appeal Hip Hop Jazz Mix feat Fishbelly Black by Freqnik & WDRE

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