FREETHINKER FUNK ESSENCE: Trainhopping (Vinyl 7″)

FREETHINKER FUNK ESSENCE:  Trainhopping (Vinyl 7Freethinker Funk Essence has been honing his breakmaking chops for time now and new vinyl 7″ Trainhopping might just be his best single yet. Relentless uptempo drum break, squelchy wah-wah guitar, bar-room piano, flute and train-going-by-blowing horn sound? Check. It’s the funky train-riding hobo anthem we’ve all been waiting for! Flip the disc meanwhile and what’s waiting for you there is B-side Evening Stroll. No prizes for guessing the source of inspiration for this one though I’m sure you’ll all agree that its breezy Rhodes-n-horns-laced groove effectively captures the promise of an evening in which all possibilities seem attractive.
(Out now on Burning Sole Records)

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