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FREESTYLE RECORDS launch new website with Lack Of Afro ‘A Time For’ free download (2011)

Freestyle Records have a new website and they’re so excited about it that they are giving away an mp3 of laid-back soul groove A Time For – the debut single off Lack Of Afro’s forthcoming album This Time. Madness! All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter which will ensure you receive an occasional digital missive detailing forthcoming funk, soul, latin delights and the like. This, I think you’ll agree, will be a welcome change from that regular deluge of offers of ‘penis enlargers’, ‘discount viagra’ and dubious financial propositions from ‘the desk of Dr Mubanda’ which Freestyle have apologised for and assured me will stop forthwith…

Avail yourself of Lack Of Afro’s A Time For by visiting the new Freestyle website and signing up for the newsletter HERE.

The big news on the block is our shiny new Freestyle Records website! It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here now and looking rather lovely. As a special treat and to welcome it into this world we are offering members of our mailing list a chance to download the incredible Lack Of Afro single, ‘A Time For’, absolutely FREE!

Speaking of Lack Of Afro, his fantastic new album ‘This Time’ is dropping on Monday 26 September

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