FREESTYLE PROFESSORS: Gryme Tyme LP update + Tracklist

Christ! Mountains have visibly eroded in the time elapsed between the first rumours of new Freestyle Professors album Gryme Tyme coming out and the present. Then the original spring release date got put back to February and now it looks like it’s actually going to be out on 1 October 2009. You know it’ll be worth the wait though. If you were lucky enough to catch the Confuse A Few EP earlier this year you’ll already be familiar with a couple of tracks off this, including the mighty Luv U. You’ll also be aware that Branesparker and Giff both have PhDs in lyrical science, as do Stanley Grimes (a.k.a. Rampage) and Lord Finesse who swing by on this too. And just check out who’s on production duties – 12 Finger Dan, Buckwild, J Supiria, Showbiz, Minnesota, Branesparker himself as well as – wait for it – Diamond D. I’m getting a twitch just thinking about it!

Freestyle Professors: Gryme Tyme – 2009 – Tracklist:
A1 Intro (2:05)
A2 Turn My Headphones Up (4:26)
A3 Valley Of Death (4:26)
A4 Who Am I? (3:38)
A5 Luv U (3:40) feat. Akbar, Stanley Grimes
B1 Confuse A Few (3:59) feat. Lord Finesse
B2 Breakin’ Tha Rules (3:45)
B3 Gryme Tyme (3:49)
B4 Jump On It (4:07) feat. Akbar, Don Q
B5 Let Me Tell You Something (2:00)
C1 Time Flies (4:04)
C2 The Lord’s Prayer (3:49)
C3 The Breakdown (1:20) feat. Lil Sha
C4 Testify (4:54)
C5 We Comin’ (3:54)
D1 Those Was The Days (Remix) (3:47) feat. Kasha
D2 Think About It (4:23)
D3 Radio (4:43)
D4 Knick Knack (4:11) feat. Akbar, Stanley Grimes
D5 Outro (0:52) feat. GW Foxx

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