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FRED WESLEY & THE JBs: Damn Right, I Am Somebody (2015) LP re-press + flexi disc + poster

Damn Right I Am Somebody Fred WesleyBack in the day, there were so many more occasions on which artists managed to stick it to the man and party. Maybe because back in the day, people weren’t quite as brainwashed as they appear to be now. And few stuck it to the man and partied harder than myriad funk acts in the 1970s. Fred Wesley and the JBs were one of those funk acts and 1974 LP Damn Right, I Am Somebody didn’t take any prisoners conceptually or musically – the music was produced by James Brown for starters. It consisted of mighty funk grooves showcasing the JBs’ legendary prowess, Wesley soloing on his big trombone and, at times, space-funky electronica – notably on the Moog intro to Blow Your Head. That track, incidentally, (sampled by everyone from Tha Liks to P.E.) also appears on the flexidisc that accompanies this LP release in the rare non-Moog version as does a 22″ X 22″ poster of the cover art depicting black slaves in chains but defiant. And if that package doesn’t blow your head, nothing will.
(Out 27 April on Get On Down)

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