FRED RAMIREZ: Hold On I’m Coming (Vinyl 7″)

FRED RAMIREZ: Hold On I'm Coming (Vinyl 7Neither a double entendre (at least an intentional one) nor an expression of exasperation, Hold On I’m Coming is, of course, famously the refrain of Sam & Dave’s soulful 1967 declaration of support for a desperate loved one. And on this latest Matasuna Records 45, it is transfigured through a Latin jazz prism by Fred Ramirez. An instrumental, the cover showcases Ramirez’s formidable piano skills but though it retains the funky rhythm of the original, it nevertheless replaces emotional rawness with the breeziness of a man at the cocktail bar informing his table-bound wife that he’ll be along with the drinks presently. On the flip is another Ramirez interpretation, this time of Ben Tucker and Bob ‘3 is the Magic Number’ Dorough’s, Mel Tormé-fronted (not to mention equally famous) Comin’ Home Baby – though arguably this does retain the intensity of the original.
(Out 11 December on Matasuna Records)

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