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FORT KNOX FIVE: Pressurize The Cabin EP (2015)

Pressurize The Cabin Fort Knox FiveThe mighty Fort Knox Five are all set to return shortly with a new album LP Pressurize The Cabin. Before they do all that full-length-returning though, the Washington-based breakbeat giants’ll be about some teaser-EP-returning with four specially selected dancefloor cuts (plus instrumentals) from said album – two featuring DC mic manipulator Flex Matthews and two featuring DC vocalist Mustafa Akbar – and it’s all very promising. There’s a hip-hop cut (the Flex Matthews-featuring opening dope – and highlight – of Reach), the soul-ified breaksfunk of Mustafa Akbar-featuring Whatcha Gonna Do, Flex Matthews again on the swing-hop of Swinging On A Rhyme and the electro-tinged funk of Keep It Poppin. Keep it poppin’ indeed and, locking too no doubt. Not the cabin door though – at least not without two crew members on the flight deck. Locked cabin doors are bad. Player for Whatcha Gonna Do below…
(Out now as a Beatport exclusive on Fort Knox Recordings)

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