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FOREIGN LEGION: (Exclusive interview) The Official MonkeyBoxing Fireside Chat (Part 1 of 3)

West Coast hip-hop legends Foreign Legion made a stir on the international hip-hop scene with Full Time B-Boy back in 1999. With the release of much-delayed third album Night Moves imminent and (allegedly) an accompanying movie of the same name (the content of which one blushes to think about given the band’s connections with porn queen Adriana Sage), thought it was high time to offer emcee legionnaires Marc Stretch and Prozack Turner a chance to talk about their new long player. Consequently a few enquiries were sent through the ether to California. What came back puts one in mind of the time that the Fast Show’s ‘Suit You tailors’ were out-innuendo’d (“Watch out Kenneth, we’ve got a live one”) by a customer. Thus while the ‘Official Monkeyboxing Fireside Chat’ all starts out innocently enough it plummets with exponential speed into utter profanity and X-rated, degenerate filth. Which is pretty much how we roll here at Monkeyboxing Towers too. Genius. Check Part 2 HERE.

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