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FOREIGN BEGGARS: Seven Figure Swagger/ Don’t Dhoow It – 2009 – Single review

[rating: 5]

What are the chances? Something new that’s not retro, that’s fucking brilliant. Fat beat, rhymes by turns filthy and hilarious and a hook that’s catchier than Ebola. A whole LP of tings like this and FB’s might actually acquire a real seven figure swagger. On the other hand a couple of good tracks and loads of filler might suffice equally well – given that a significant proportion of the public are the sorts of indiscriminate cunts who don’t just give a platform to ‘acts’ like Mr Whippy-haired super-toddlers ‘Jedward’ by watching X-Factor but actively encourage them by spunking loads of money on phone votes.
(Out now on Dented).

Listen to Foreign Beggars – Seven Figure Swagger

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