FOREIGN BEGGARS: ‘Get A Bit More’ videos + SkisM ‘Never Say Die Vol. 2’ DJ mix

Admittedly, it’s not like Get A Bit More was the monkey’s favourite track off recent FB LP The United Colours Of Beggattron (that would be the mighty Seven Figure Swagger), nor even the monkey’s second favourite (which would be the behemoth-beats of Contact)…in fact checking back the MB review referred to it as, ‘the synth-keyboard one’ – but that was before SkisM got his hands on it and turned it into spitting, screaming juddering monster. Don’t worry – the monkey ain’t gone all dubstep, but while we’re posting up these videos to the FB’s new single, and since SkisM’s involved and we were also supplied with a 60 minute Skism dj mix (DOWNLOAD SkisM DJ mix HERE) we thought we’d post that up too. Vids below links. SkisM one is flames. Don’t sleep!
Foreign Beggars – Myspace
SkisM – Myspace
Foreign Beggars – Get A Bit More (SkisM remix) video

Foreign Beggars – Get A Bit More (original mix) video

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