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FOLD: Two Past Midnight (A Tribute To Fannie Lou Hamer)(2015)

Two Past Midnight Fannie Lou HamerFold make a song and a dance out of speeches by civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer on next single Two Past Midnight which channels the righteous fury of the dispossessed though a tight drum break, rock guitar riffage and samples of Hamer preaching her message. On the flip, smouldering keys, dirty wah and looser percussion along with more Hamer create a Gil Scott Heron-ish slice of message-driven party funk. The theme of racial unity couldn’t have been more timely (with a 4 May release date) as UKIP and the three main parties continue to scream factually dubious beliefs about immigrants as a smoke screen for their subservience to, and abject failure to do anything about, colossal societal problems created by banking corruption and corporate tax evasion and avoidance. As Hamer says, “if this society of yours is a great society …god knows I would hate to live in a bad one.”
(Out 4 May on Fold FM)

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