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FOLD: Choose Love (2017)

FOLD:  Choose Love (2017)Leeds outfit Fold are never ones to shy away from a progressive message and especially not in an increasingly mean-spirited era. In this case it’s Choose Love, the name of their new psych-trip-hop single which features a loop of the voice of social activist Bell Hooks saying – among other things – ‘Choose love’. Choose love? How sixties. Surely we’ve moved away from all that political correctness gone mad and flower power stuff. Surely now it’s all what Trainspotting‘s Renton might describe as, ‘Choose hate, choose number one, choose blame the poor and the immigrants, choose not-so-closet racists and deluded isolationists, choose not to look at the revolving door between government, the media and business’ isn’t it? Well precisely and it’s shit. Please can we have love back now? Fold oblige today.
(Out 24 Nov. on Clue Records)

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