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FLAVOR FLAV: Unga Bunga Bunga (MR BIGGZ Re-Wub) (2015) Free download

Unga Bunga Bunga Flav Mr BiggzIf you have previously missed out on the only solo effort from Public Enemy hype-man Flavor Flav to date, now’s your chance to catch up with Mr Biggz nicely done ‘Re-Wub’ of LP cut Unga Bunga Bunga. Listen to Flav’s vocals and you’ll perhaps see why he was the hype man for P.E. and not the front man since “Even the robot drank some oils, so she can lubricate her coils/ Tarzan did his best, to bust a nut and beat his chest” doesn’t perhaps pack the same weighty punch as the lyrics to Fight The Power and She Watch Channel Zero. On the other hand, the call and response hook is precisely the sort of thing which very drunk people want to shout along to at the club. All together now, “Unga bunga bunga, G/ Unga bunga bingo bunga!” Cop it below…

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