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FIRST DEGREE BURNS: Bright Eyes (Ewan Hoozami Remix) (2014) Free download

Bright Eyes FDB Ewan HoozamiEwan Hoozami goes all dub-breaks-2-step inna remix stylee here on First Degree Burns‘ organic original Bright Eyes. Well – I say ‘original’ – clearly that title and the lyric, “Bright Eyes/ Burning like fire…” owe a slight debt to the Art Garfunkel hit of Watership Down theme fame. I’m pretty sure Garfunkel’s chorus didn’t continue, “…I can read your every thought/ Your every heart’s desire/ Bright one you’re burning like the sun/ Don’t let Babylon system come and get you down, girl” though. Mind you if it had, you couldn’t have asked for a clearer indictment of General Woundwort’s fascist regime. Cop it below.

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