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FEATURECAST: ‘Run For Cover’ Remixed Vol. 2 (2013)

Brace yourself for a forthcoming second remix EP for tracks off Featurecast‘s game-changing autumn LP Run For Cover that those on production duties are hoping will have you running for the dancefloor. The opening salvo comes from JPOD in the form of a dirty great synth bass assault on Greg Blackman vehicle Soul Children, followed swiftly thereafter by thunderous ghetto funk bombardment from B-Side‘s remix of Jump. CMC & Silenta then launch a funky flanking manouevre on Got That Fire (my favourite track on the album) and Featurecast closes the whole thing by remixing himself with a snarling dnb mix of Ego Tripping. In spite of all that breakbeat sound and fury though, my favourite cut is actually the one I haven’t yet mentioned – Dreadsquad‘s reggae refix of another top track from the LP – closer and the Greg Blackman-featuring (again) Get Lovely, which is, aptly enough, rather lovely.
(Out 28 January on Jalapeno Records)

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